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David Wilcox

Does #AgeingBetter need a new online community - and/or better joining up of existing conversations?

2 min read

Over on my main blog I've written a lot recently about the Big Lottery Fund's very worthwhile investment of £82 million in an Ageing Better programme to combat social isolation and promote wellbeing. Today discussion took off on Twitter about one of the key issues - how to share knowledge about projects and innovation more widely.

At the heart of the discussion is whether BIG's plans for an online community - emerging today - will lead to a closed system that doesn't integrate with social media. That's where people are.

The alternative - or complement - to a hub is the approach embodied in the Known platform that I'm using here. That enables people to post from a simple blogging platform, automatically share to social media, then collect responses under the post. There's more about this on the IndieWebCamp site and on the blog of Known co-founder Ben Werdmuller. You can get you Known site here.

The discussion about BIG's online community plans seems just the right spark to start discussion here about distributed online communities. Here's some background reference. And here below is the discussion today on Twitter.

My question: Does the Ageing Better programme need a new online space an/or better joining up of existing conversations? (If that's the idea behind Big's plans I'll be delighted!)