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David Wilcox

Thanks for RTs about #joinedupdigital bid. Here's who's interested so far - including @nuzzel

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Re-tweets about my previous piece on the next phase of the Joined Up Digital project are all referenced here under the main body of the post - thanks everyone.

That feature is one thing I like about the Withknown platform I'm using, together with the way you can write a headline in the form of a status update, and auto post it to Twitter and other services. It's part of the POSSE philosophy of Publish (on your) Own Site, Syndicate Everywhere.

What's also needed is a way to aggregate top stories being published in your network without having to scan lots of tweets. The Nuzzel app does that by turning the links most shared by your friends, and friends of friends, into a newsletter. You can also create your own more personalised newsletter. More here on the way that works, and Nuzzel's aim of creating a network of newsletters.

Today Nuzzel spotted the relatively high number of re-tweets, and popped the post up to the top of my automatically generated newsletter.

Nuzzel newsletter

One of the challenges for the next phase of Joined Up Digital is to develop a network for people interested in the key idea of supporting "conduits" - people and organisations who act as connectors of information and support for older people and those in the ageing field.

One conventional option is to create a central platform, and some 70 people are on a Slack team developed for the first phase of the project. As the project opens up to a wider range of interests decentralised approaches like Withknown and Nuzzel may be useful complements.

These enable people to become curators and conduits ... and I think it will be useful for people in the JUD network to try out these connecting tools as well as discuss them.