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David Wilcox

Exploring #thewayahead for London as a networked and neighbourly city: January 10 event

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We are expanding the agenda for our event on January 10, which is looking at the role of technology and network thinking in London's civil society.

We all know that the digital revolution is here, but how do we make best use of that for social action in London? This is the challenge that motivates us.

On the 10th we'll be demonstrating our ideas for a Living Lab, that uses the fictional London borough of Slipham to explore how citizens and organisations can collaborate in the digital age. More on that in my previous post.

... signup here for the January 10 event ...

In addition we’ll share further plans for a three-month exploration into what it would take to make London a better networked city, in which interest groups and citizens find it easier to connect with each other, with public bodies and others who may offer support for social action.

As I explained earlier our plans aim to complement and extend the The Way Ahead - Civil Society at the Heart of London - a major initiative by a partnership of London Funders, London Voluntary Service Council and Greater London Volunteering, which emphasises that Londoners and their communities should be at the heart of any future plans, through processes of co-production.

At an event on January 31 we'll explore how to apply lessons of network leadership and social learning to civil society with international specialist Harold Jarche. He's been described as “a keen subversive of the last century’s management and education models”.

Then on February 22 we'll be running an event in City Hall bringing together ideas from local and London-wide perspectives.

In between we'll organise smaller meetups, and blog about the practicalities of cooperation and collaboration for anyone doing good in the networked, digital age.

So far Drew Mackie and I have been working with a small group, and particularly Matt Scott at LVSC. They are providing initial funding. From the January 10 event we aim to form a larger core group for the exploration, with task groups focussing on specific issues.

You can signup here for our January 10 event. If you are interested in the later events, and the overall exploration, but can't make it on January 10, do get in touch - or @davidwilcox on Twitter. We'll shortly have a new networkedcity blog and other ways to join in.